Resort – Spa – Safari

The Nijaguna Wildlife Resort and Spa offers Safari in Bandipur and many more.

Bandipur Resorts and Spa

Rejuvenate your mind and body. At our wellness spa, we provide unique treatments by blending uniquely prepared remedies from fresh and natural ingredients with Asia’s ancient healing techniques, programmed to leave you rejoiced, relaxed and rejuvenated. Wellness Spa treatments include:

Body Massage

Swedanam (Medicated Steam Bath)

Daily Yoga Classeses


Indriya Sparsha

Weight Loss Package

Various customised packages available

Includes A/C accommodation and all meals

Indian Ayurveda is practiced more than two millennia. Based on the concept of fundamental bodily bio-elements called 3 doshas or Tridosha, Vata (the minute one), Kapha (heaviness) and Pitta (heat), its philosophizes that health of the body is directly depended on the tridosha, and these doshas combine 2 of the 5 elements of the earth, ether, air, fire and water.  Vata is combination of air and ether, likewise Pitta is combination fire and water and Kapha is combination of water and earth. Imbalance in doshas can cause a disorder in the mind and body.

Ayurveda is an effective therapy for renewing the body & mind. Our treatments in Wellness Spa involve body massages with the use of ayurvedic therapeutic oils and decoctions prepared from natural handpicked medicinal herbs.

These oils are prepared using 50 or more handpicked ingredients and have a intense healing effect.

Mahanarayana thailam is an eminent ayurvedic oil, suggested for panchakarma and rejuvenation treatments which creates a phenomenal healing effect when it is applied to exact points by our expert therapists all along a session of massage.


Feel assuage in our exquisitely furnished rooms with alleviating interiors and suites with amply decorated attached bath and along with a spectacular view.

Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Our master chefs assure that every dish taunts your taste buds and appease your spirit. Experience yourself with the delicacies from flavorsome bliss of Jain food or appreciate the appetizing food from international cuisines.

Swimming Pool

Get fascinated by taking a nose-dive and cool the senses.


Start a conversation over a drink with your friends or family in the cognoscente’s delight.


The resort and spa includes a fully equipped gym for the fitness conscious.

Elephant Carriage Wildlife Safari

One of our main attractions. The mountain whiff rolling down the gorge of the scenic Nilgiris welcomes you to the perfect scenery for a wildlife safari. Take an expedition to the wild side and blind date the residents of the jungle in their very own territory. Revel in birding and wildlife for your heart’s contentment!


Trekking in Himavad Gopala Swamy Betta of Chamarajnagar betwixt picturesque, thick forests is one of the most striking adventure in South India. Delve into the heights of hills or swerve through the bevel of the Moyar Gorge all under the guidance of our professional naturalists.


Nijaguna Resort offers a cushy bonfire organised by artiste who not only ensure safety and but also the usage of eco-friendly devices. Befit yourself to party hard, let loose or discreetly enjoy the sounds of silence.